CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale, Berkshire South-East Branch

Branch Bars List

This page lists all of the pubs, clubs and other bars serving beer that fall within the boundaries of the branch area.
Location Pub Name Address Post Code Closed?
Ascot Bar One 1 High Street SL5 7FJ
Ascot Duke Of Edinburgh Woodside Road, Woodside SL4 2DP
Ascot Rose & Crown Woodside Road, Woodside SL4 2DP
Ascot Royal Foresters Hotel London Road SL5 8DR
Ascot Royal Hunt 117 New Road, North Ascot SL5 8AU
Ascot Stag 63 High Street SL5 7HP
Ascot Station Inn Station Hill SL5 9EG
Ascot Swinley 29 Brockenhurst Road SL5 9DJ
Ascot Thatched Tavern Cheapside Road SL5 7QG
Barkham Bull Barkham Road RG41 4TL
Binfield Binfield Club Forest Road RG42 4HP
Binfield Jack o' Newbury Terrace Road North RG42 5PH
Binfield Roebuck (Daruchini) St Marks Road RG42 4AJ Currently Restaurant
Binfield Stag & Hounds Forest Road RG42 4HA
Binfield Victoria Arms Terrace Road North RG42 5JA
Bracknell Admiral Cunningham Priestwood Court Road RG42 1TU
Bracknell Atrium Bar, South Hill Park Ringmead, Birch Hill RG12 7PA
Bracknell Blue Lion Broad Lane RG12 9DP Permanently Closed
Bracknell Blue Mountain Golf Centre Wood Lane RG42 4EX Permanently Closed
Bracknell Blues Smokehouse High Street RG12 1DS
Bracknell Boot Park Road RG12 2LU
Bracknell Bracknell & District Royal British Legion Club Stanley Walk RG12 1HA Permanently Closed
Bracknell Bracknell Rugby Football Club Lily Hill Drive RG12 2UG
Bracknell Bridge Wokingham Road RG42 1PP
Bracknell Bull High Street RG12 1DP
Bracknell Cannie Man Bywood, Hanworth RG12 7RF
Bracknell Crown Wood 5 Crown Row RG12 0TH
Bracknell Downshire Arms Downshire Way RG12 7AA
Bracknell Golden Farmer Reed's Hill, Easthampstead RG12 7LS
Bracknell Golden Retriever Nine Mile Ride RG40 3DR
Bracknell Green Man Crowthorne Road, Easthampstead RG12 7DL
Bracknell Horse & Groom Bagshot Road RG12 9RB
Bracknell Market Inn Station Road RG12 1HY
Bracknell Newtown Pippin Ralphs Ride, Harmans Water RG12 9LR
Bracknell Old Manor Grenville Place, Church Road RG12 1BP
Bracknell Peacock Farm Peacock Lane RG12 8SS
Bracknell Prince of Wales 64 Shepherd's Lane RG42 2BT
Bracknell Royal Oak Bay Road, Bullbrook RG12 2NN
Bracknell Running Horse London Road RG12 2UJ
Bracknell Silver Birch Birch Hill Road, Birch Hill RG12 7DE
Bracknell Weather Vane Wokingham Road RG42 1NA
Bracknell William Twigg 8 Great Hollands Square RG12 8UX
Bracknell Woodcutters Bere Road, Forest Park RG12 0XS
Crowthorne Crowthorne British Legion Club Wellington Road RG45 7LJ
Crowthorne Crowthorne Inn 119 High Street RG45 7AD
Crowthorne East Berkshire Golf Club Ravenswood Avenue RG45 6BE
Crowthorne Prince 2 High Street RG45 7AZ
Crowthorne Waterloo Hotel Duke's Ride RG45 6DW Permanently Closed
Crowthorne Wellington Health & Fitness Club Dukes Ride RG45 7PT
Eversley Tally Ho Fleet Hill RG27 0RR
Finchampstead Greyhound Longwater Road RG40 4NP
Finchampstead Queens Oak Church Lane RG40 4LS
Finchampstead Siren Craft Brew Tap Yard Unit 18, Marion Way RG40 4RF
Maidens Green Stirrups Country House & Hotel Bracknell Road RG42 6LD
Little Sandhurst Bird in Hand High Street GU47 8LQ
Little Sandhurst Fox & Hounds Hancombe Road GU47 8NP Permanently Closed
Sandhurst Dukes Head High Street GU47 8EB Permanently Closed
Sandhurst Jolly Farmer 355 Yorktown Road, College Town GU47 0PX Permanently Closed
Sandhurst Rackstraws Farm 221 Yorktown Road GU47 9RT
Sandhurst Rose & Crown 108 High Street GU47 8HA
Sandhurst Sandhurst Social Club 33-35 Wellington Road GU47 9AW
Sandhurst Village Inn 21, Yorktown Road GU47 9DX
Sandhurst Wellington Arms 203 Yorktown Road GU47 9BN
Sandhurst White Swan Swan Lane GU47 9BU
Sindlesham Bearwood Lakes Golf Club Bearwood Road RG41 4SJ
Sindlesham Poachers Sindlesham Mill Hotel, Mill Lane RG41 5DF
Sindlesham Walter Arms Bearwood Road RG41 5BP
St Nicholas Hurst Wheelwrights Arms Davis Way RG10 0TR
Sunningdale Berkshire Golf Club Swinley Road SL5 8AY
Sunningdale Broomhall Hutt Halfpenny Lane SL5 0DQ
Sunningdale Lavender Park Golf Club Swinley Road SL5 8BD
Sunningdale Mill Ride Golf Club Mill Ride SL5 8LT
Sunningdale Nags Head 28 High Street SL5 0NG
Sunningdale Royal Ascot Golf Club Winkfield Road SL5 7LJ
Sunningdale Royal Oak 19 Station Road SL5 0QL
Sunningdale Sunningdale Golf Club Ridgemount Road SL5 9RR
Sunningdale Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club Cross Road SL5 9RX
Sunningdale Swinley Forest Golf Club Coronation Road SL5 9LE
Sunninghill Belvedere Arms London Road SL5 7SB
Sunninghill Carpenters Arms 78 Upper Village Road SL5 7AQ
Sunninghill Dog & Partridge 92 Upper Village Road SL5 7AQ
Sunninghill Dukes 2 Upper Village Road SL5 7AG
Warfield Cricketers Cricketers Lane RG42 6JT
Warfield New Leathern Bottle Jealotts Hill RG42 6ET
Warfield Plough & Harrow Forest Road, Newell Green RG42 6AE
Warfield Shepherds House Moss Hill RG42 6ER
Warfield Three Legged Cross (Spice Lounge) Forest Road RG42 6AE Currently Restaurant
Warfield Yorkshire Rose Forest Road, Newell Green RG42 6AE
Winkfield Old Hatchet Hatchet Lane, Cranbourne SL4 2EE
Winkfield Squirrels Bar & Restaurant North Street SL4 2DP
Winkfield White Hart Church Road SL4 4SE
Winkfield Winkfield (Keys) 11 Lovell Road SL4 2ES
Winkfield Winning Post Winkfield Street SL4 4SW
Winnersh Pheasant 355 Reading Road RG41 5LR
Winnersh Winnersh British Legion Social Club Woodward Close RG41 5LP
Wokingham Billingbear Park Golf Course The Straight Mile RG40 5SJ
Wokingham Broad Street Tavern 29 Broad Street RG40 1AU
Wokingham Crispin 45 Denmark Street RG40 2AY
Wokingham Crooked Billet Honey Hill, Wokingham Without RG40 3BD
Wokingham Dog & Duck Matthews Green Road, Emmbrook RG41 1JT
Wokingham Downshire Golf Course Easthampstead Park RG40 3DH
Wokingham Dukes Head 56 Denmark Street RG40 2BQ
Wokingham Emmbrook Inn Emmbrook Road RG41 1HG
Wokingham Fifty Six 56 Rose Street  RG40 1XU
Wokingham Gig House The Plaza, 19-21 Denmark Street RG40 2LD
Wokingham Hope & Anchor 11 Station Road RG40 2AD
Wokingham Loch Fyne London Rd RG40 1RD
Wokingham Norreys Barn Ashridge Road RG40 1PH Permanently Closed
Wokingham Oakingham Belle Oaks Avenue, London Road RG40 1PB
Wokingham Olde Leathern Bottel 221 Barkham Road RG41 4BY
Wokingham Pinewood Bar & Cafe Old Wokingham Road, Wokingham Without RG40 3AQ
Wokingham Queens Head 23 The Terrace RG40 1BP
Wokingham Raglan Pub & Kitchen 30 Denmark Street  RG40 2BB
Wokingham Red Lion 25 Market Place RG40 1AP
Wokingham Redan 24 Peach Street RG40 1XG
Wokingham Rifle Volunteer 141 Reading Road RG41 1HD
Wokingham Roebuck 8 Market Place RG40 1AL
Wokingham Sandmartins Golf Club Finchampstead Road RG40 3RQ
Wokingham Sedero Lounge Bailey's House, Central Walk RG40 1AZ
Wokingham Ship 104-108 Peach Street RG40 1XH
Wokingham Station Tap 59 Station Road RG40 2AD
Wokingham Three Frogs 222 London Road RG40 1SW
Wokingham Two Poplars 118 Finchampstead Road RG41 2NU
Wokingham Victoria Arms 1 Easthampstead Road RG40 2EH
Wokingham Warren Forest Road RG40 5SB
Wokingham White Horse Easthampstead Road, Wokingham Without RG40 3AF
Wokingham Woodcray Manor Golf Course Finchampstead Park RG40 3HG
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